Welcome to our Homepage !

Some words about us:
Dance International started releasing records in 1990 and was founded by Lex van Coeverden which is still known as DJ, Producer, Remixer.
We released some successful tracks the last decade and we will keep going on in the future.

Some artists with which we work together are:
Acer (DJ Peran & Bob Ltd.), Equator, Atlantic Ocean, Woody van Eyden , ATB, Spacekid, DJ Mikem, Simon Underground, Disco Anthem, Lagos, DJ Drokz, Atlantrax, DJ Tails, Akira, Noizer etc ...

We have several labels each representing a different style of Dance:

Dance International: Commercial cross-over releases
Pegasus Records: Club, Trance
Disco Trax: Disco House
Cherry Trax: German style of house and trance
Retro Records: Retro House
Cunt Records: Terror
Kamikaze Records: Gabber
Limited Shit Records: Terror

Within a few weeks our webshop for DJs will be ready and you will also be able to listen and download our latest trax. Furthermore we also offer mastering services for CD or record production.
Surely also have a look at the newspage, because there is an unique offer for DJs / Producers which will have their music on vinyl (1 copy only possible / long durability). So check this out!

At least we hope you enjoy visiting our homepage and our shop.
If you have any questions please contact us.